Weekly Update

Well, it has been a very cold week at the zoo, and we’ve been busy trying to fix as much corolux to the fronts of enclosures as we can, in order to prevent the very chilly Tatsfield wind blowing through the enclosures! However, It has become quite a fun game playing ‘spot the guinea pig’, as they snuggle down into their straw and hay beds this time of year!

We have rehomed some more animals in the zoo as well, with a bearded dragon and two guinea pigs finding their forever homes this week. We are also pleased to announce that one of our sulphur-crested cockatoo’s has found a lovely new home!

Please remember we are still open and would love to see you all come and visit us this winter! yes it is chilly outside but its lovely and warm in our reptile house!

We are still offering reptile handling 11am till 4pm every weekend!


Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support through this hard time, we do not have any new information as of yet but we will keep you updated as our situation changes! We are still trying to fund our big move so please share and donate whatever you can!



rocky sept 2016