Small Mammals


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Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas are the most common house hold pets that Beaver Water World are home to. Over the years a huge number of these popular species have been brought in from families that have had to give the animal away for a number of reasons. A common reason being that they have outgrown the animal and the novelty has worn off.





We take in as many animals as we possibly can although due to lack of space we are unable to help everyone we would like to; we also re-home a number of our animals to appropriate owners as a forever home.







Red Squirrels


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We are also home to two female Red squirrels, Sciurus vulgaris, which came from another wildlife centre called The Wildwood Trust. We are currently awaiting one lucky male Red Squirrel to join our females with the hope of creating a compatible family group.


Red Squirrels are vulnerable to a variation of threats in the wild including there distant cousin, the Grey Squirrel. They are very timid creatures and are not the most people friendly, upon your visit please bare this in mind if you do not see them!