Weekends, school holidays and bank holidays we provide reptile handling 11am-4pm (subject to availability)




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Beaver Water World are home to a variation of snakes from 3ft Corn snakes to 16ft Burmese Pythons. All of which have come from either the RSPCA or individuals that simply can not provide the correct environment for them. Due to the high demand within the pet trade, more exotic species such as snakes, are becoming more popular. Due to lack in research; many pet owners select an animal and it soon out grows their initial expectations.

One of our long term residents is our 16ft Albino Burmese python who came to us in late 2010. She was brought in by the RSPCA due to her owner not meeting the correct husbandry requirements. She is partially blind in one eye although, she does manage to see enough to catch her dinner!

Species List:

  • Corn Snake – Pantherophis guttatus
  • Royal Python – Python regius
  • Common Boa Constrictor – Boa constrictor
  • Burmese Python – Python bivittatus
  • Reticulated Python – Python reticulatus



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Lizards are a common resident at Beaver Water World, bearded dragons, iguanas, water dragons, monitors and even crocodiles can be found at our sanctuary. Many of which are for re-homing, once they have been nursed back to health some will be put up for adoption for private reptile collectors.

Many lizards found at our sanctuary are very docile and are handleable, others are not as tame such as ‘Colin’ our male crocodile. Although these animals seem to make great pets short term, they require specialist care and with a very long life span (30+ in some species) it is key to remember the long term effects of buying any reptile.









Species List:

  • Bearded Dragon – Pogona vitticeps
  • Chinese Water Dragon – Physignathus cocincinus
  • Australian Water Dragon – Intellagama lesueurii
  • Leopard Gecko – Eublepharis macularius
  • Crested Gecko – Correlophus ciliatus
  • Uromastyx –  Uromastyx
  • Philippine Sailfin Lizard – Hydrosaurus pustulatus
  • European Eyed Lizard – Timon lepidus
  • Blue-tongued Skink – Tiliqua
  • Mabuya Skink – Mabuya mabouya
  • Green Iguana – Iguana iguana
  • Red Iguana – Iguana iguana
  • Spiny-tailed Monitor – Varanus acanthurus
  • Bosc Monitor – Varanus exanthematicus
  • Asian Water Monitor – Varanus salvator
  • Black Tree Monitor – Varanus beccarii
  • Plumed Basilisk – Basiliscus plumifrons





Currently at the zoo we have Lucy a small dwarf Caiman who is currently just under 1m in length, she spends most of her day in her pond.

We were also lucky enough to have an American Alligator named Big Boy. Big Boy was a celebrity in the animal world and played a part in the James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’ being the only live crocodilian used in filming. He also featured on many other wildlife and children’s programmes. He lived out his years in Beaver Water World in a large indoor and outdoor enclosure before unfortunately passing away due to old age. You can still come and see Big Boy who is now stuffed in our Education Unit.



  • Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman – Paleosuchus palpebrosus

Tortoises and Turtles


We also have a variation of tortoises that have been rescued over the years. These are often kept in mixed species enclosures which are frequently monitored. We are well known for our mischievous large African sulcata tortoise for walking around the zoo on a sunny day, so keep an eye out on your next visit!


Species List –

  • Hermanns Tortoise – Testudi hermanni 
  • Horsefield’s/Russian Tortoise – Agrionemys horsefieldii 
  • Red Footed Tortoise – Chelonoidis carbonaria
  • Leopard Tortoise – Stigmochelys pardalis
  • African Spur-thighed Tortoise – Centrochelys sulcata
  • Red-Eared Slider – Trachemys scripta elegans
  • Yellow-Bellied Slider – Trachemys scripta scripta
  • Musk Turtle – Sternotherus odoratus
  • African Side-Neck Turtle – Pelomedusa subrufa



Our collection of Invertebrates at the zoo is very minimal as the invertebrates we do take in are normally rehomed very quickly. We currently only have 2 species of invertebrate, Priscilla, our Chilean Rose Tarantula, and our small colony of Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches. Both species are very easy to handle and are regular participants in our children’s parties and other events.

Species List:

Chilean Rose Tarantula – Grammostola rosea

Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches – Gromphadorhina portentosa