Happy Halloween!!!

Well, we had a very busy half term this week, what with the Spooky Zoo and the weather holding off for us – we hope all the visitors enjoyed meeting all the different reptiles that we brought out for the handling sessions!

The staff had a surprise on Friday, when we went down to the zoo skip in the early afternoon, and we discovered an injured tawny owl sitting in the skip! Usually when we find injured wild animals on site, we try and look after them on-site, and treat them the best we can. This time we decided that we were unable to treat this bird, as its injuries looked quite severe, so we took the owl to Folly Wildlife Rescue in Tunbridge Wells, where we hope he makes a swift recovery!

Now that the clocks have gone back, it should be noted that if you would like to visit the zoo, to try and come before 4:00 pm so that everything can be seen outside before it starts to get too dark – however, the zoo will remain open until 5pm as usual.


Thank you to everyone that has continued to support us, by donating to the charity to help us find a new site. The search is still on going and we are not giving up!




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