Partner organisations

Corporate sponsors

Our corporate sponsors donate significant sums to support our ongoing costs of investment into infrastructure, and often provide work-teams for some of our larger projects.

Sainsbury’s supermarkets have sponsored our vegetable food bill since 2013.

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We work with many local schools to provide support to their delivery of education at Secondary and Primary level.

Equally important are our partnerships with Tertiary and Further education colleges and universities supporting the next generation of vets, researchers, biologists and animal carers. These include

These include NESCOT, Bromley College, Hadlow College, the Royal Veterinary College & Capel Manor.

Animal protection, conservation and rescue

We work with RSPCA, RSPB, Trading Standards (in London and across the South East) and HM Customs and Border Control.

We are also members of the Woodland Trust, British Trust for Ornithology and the British Beekeepers Association.