Although the charity was established in 1997, its first animal rescue (of a Python called Rivet) took place in 1980.

The centre has rescued and rehabilitated approximately 4500 animals in the last 15 years and continues to grow, currently rescuing around 500 animals every year, of which approximately 200 are rehomed.

Curated by wildlife artist Stella Quayle, the charity is a rescue centre and licensed zoo which supports animal protection, education, conservation and rehabilitation efforts both in the UK and abroad and is proud of its reputation as a centre of excellence for the care and protection of reptiles and other exotic animals. In early years, we were homed to one of our largest ever residents ‘Big Boy’ the alligator famous for starring in James bond movie ‘Live and Let Die’ (seen in the picture below). Unfortunately he died in late 2006 due to old age. We now have ‘Colin’ another rescued crocodile who is now our largest resident.







As a Charity it is not only about what we do to help & rescue animals, but what service we provide for people.   People have a responsibility to each other, by volunteering communities become stronger and situations improve.

Our aim is to educate both adults & young people on the unsuitability of certain species as pets and encourage respect for all animals and reptiles.

We have enriched the lives of hundreds of people and animals over the 25 years of rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. The help that we provide to both animals and their owners is crucial; we can ease the pain of parting with a beloved pet and continue to provide loving homes for abandoned animals. We never euthanise a healthy animal, this is our pledge and we keep our promise.

We are one of only two places in the UK used for training RSPCA officers on appropriate care and handling of reptiles and other exotics. We work closely with local animal based colleges and their students; giving hands-on work experience placements. We are now preparing for the future with its largest fundraising project to date – Scaling up for 2020.