The Reptile collection at Beaver Water World started in 1980 with a small Indian Python, rescued by a local pest control officer. ‘Rivet’ the Python soon grew out of his small vivarium and was also found a mate. It was decided that a large snake room should be built at the back of the aquatic shop to provide a better environment for the snakes and have them on show to the visitors. One rescued snake led to another and in due course an alligator, named Big Boy, came to join the collection.

New enclosures and new species have been added ever since, with particular emphasis on housing the animals in groups or pairs to encourage an active breeding programme.

Over the years, many reptiles have been simply abandoned on our doorstep. These have been cared for and some have been found new homes. Not all owners realise what they are taking on when they obtain a reptile as a pet. Sometimes these owners come and ask the Zoo to take their animals in, as they can no longer house them, and somehow room is found for them.

Both Airport Quarantine and the RSPCA have brought many animals to Beaver Water World to be cared for, and they often refer people to us for advice.

We are working to extend our captive breeding programme and have plans to create near natural conditions in peaceful and secure settings. No reptile will be taken from the wild as there are sufficient numbers existing in captivity, but many are not in breeding situations. So far we have been successful in breeding Burmese Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Crocodiles, Boa Constrictors, Green Tree Snakes and Basilisks.

We are a Registered Charity (Charity no. 1063373/0) and your support is greatly appreciated. All admission fees and donations go towards the upkeep and welfare of the animals.